Let's conquer Mt.Fuji!

This site is the guiding website for beginners who are planning to climb Mt.Fiji. Introduction of climbing route, briefings of tours, and suggestions of what to bring.
Climbing Guide for Mt FUJI
Basic information | Preparation for Mt Fuji climbing | Kawakuchikoguchi | Fujinomiyaguchi | Subashiriguchi

About this site

This website wraps up the knowledge of safe mountain climbing, together with the climbing reports and up-coming climbing plans of the site owner, Ina, who has fallen in love with Mt. Fuji climbing.

The site is mainly around things that amateurs must know before climbing and tips to enjoy Mt. Fuji. Sorry if you are Mt climbing expert or you wanna find some special spots of Mt Fuji.

Of course, I have tried to note my experiences of climbing Mt Fuji, I hope that you will find them useful before you go for your own climbing.

Basic information for amateurs

You shall be able to enjoy Mt Fuji if you know these!

Preparation for Mt Fuji climbing

What you need to do for easy conquer of Mt Fuji.

Climbing from Kawakuchikoguchi


This is the report and route map of Mt climbing starting from Kawakuchikoguchi 5Goume to Mt Fiji Peak by foot.

Climbing from Fujinomiyaguchi


Here we have some advices of climbing from Fujinomiyaguchi Trail to Godenbaguchi via Peak of Mt Fuji

Climbing from Subashiriguchi


These are the reviews of Mt climbing from Subashiriguchi Trailu. This is comparatively longer than the other two but you can enjoy a more comfortable trip to the peak as less people tend to choose Subashirikuchi.


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