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List of Basic information for amateurs

The history of Mt.Fuji.

20 million years ago, the place where Mt. Fuji is located was still under the sea.

After long time of tectonic movements, the once seabed has itself raised above sea level. Some hundred thousand years before now, the initial volcanic movement had created the Komitake Volcano and Ashitaka Volcano.

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Mt Fuji climbing and faith.

Mt Fuji has been regarded as a divide symbol by Japanese, especially for her numerous great eruptions.

As to appease the anger of the mount, Japanese built the Asama Shrine, with the main god named Asama no Oogami (which is the Mt Fuji herself), and regard Mt Fuji as the Goshintai.

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Climbing periods and weather

Mt Fuji is opened to climbers from the 1st of July every year, marking the start of the climbing season.

As the temperature starts to fall from September, amateurs are expected to have a hard time if they try to climb up the mountain after August. In common, starting from 1st July to the end of August is the period for all people to enjoy Mt Fuji climbing.

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About mountain track route

There are mainly four mountain tracks in Mt Fuji. Usually, everyone first visits the 5-gome(Fifth station) by bus or car.

Each route has their own 5-gome, which are different in both the altitude and the distance to the peak (which really puzzled me about how they decide the location of the Gokomes). You need to think of the starting point before your actual climbing.

In this page, we have the specialties of all tracks written in here.

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Regulation of private car to Mt Fuji

I was once shocked when I was unaware of the private car regulation on Mt Fuji. There is a private car regulation for Mt Fuji Skyline and Mt Fuji Subaru Line during busy period.

Once the regulation is applied, all vehicles except permitted vehicle are prohibited to use the highway. The only transportation method is by the Shuttle Tozan bus, which cost about 1700 yen for a round-trip.

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What is a bus tour?

For those who live in overseas, the majority choose to go for the bus tour organized by travel agencies. People usually choose from joining a tour or as a backpacker when they plan to conquer Mt Fuji. In this page, we will try to look at the merit and demerit of the two.

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Stay in the hub or go for a day-return trip?

You may think of staying in the hubs or go for a day-return trip for your first trip.

In this page, I have wrapped up the major questions.
The answer varies base on why you want to stay at the hub. Just make it clear and you will know what to go for.

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