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About mountain track route

There are mainly four mountain tracks in Mt Fuji. Usually, everyone first visits the 5-gome(Fifth station) by bus or car.

Each route has their own 5-gome, which are different in both the altitude and the distance to the peak (which really puzzled me about how they decide the location of the Gokomes). You need to think of the starting point before your actual climbing.

In this page, we have the specialties of all tracks written in here.

Kawaguchikoguchi Tozandou

As being the closest path from Tokyo, this is the most popular track.
There are the most number of climbers, cars, and hubs among the four tracks. A total of 15+ hubs can be found along the track. All of the hubs are blessed with the breath-taking Kagefuji at the evening (The shadow of Mt Fuji reflects onto the sea of clouds) and the Goraiko(Sunrise from the top of Mt Fuji) in the dawn.

Also, you can have a cup of tea in the gorgeous restaurant at the entrance of the track(Personally I do feel strange in having such thing when you are going to conquer Mt Fuji.)

Main characteristics

  • Easy transport from Tokyo
  • Lots of hubs ease your pain in searching for a place to rest.
  • Well-built and maintained road till 7-gome(seventh station)
  • Bunch of people going along with you(as the most popular track)
  • Congestion when close to the peak
  • Gentle slope going up to the peak. Longer distance as payback
  • Costly entrance fee for the Fuji Subaru Line(2000 yen for private cars)
  • Killing distance going down the hill

Estimated time

  • Climbing up: 7.5km/5.5hrs
  • Going down:7.6km/3 hrs

Transport to Kawaguchikoguchi Tozandou

  • Chuo Kosoku Bus from Shinzuku Station west exit directly to Mt Fuji 5-gome
  • Highway Bus from JR stations(eg: JR Shinzuku Station, JR Tokyo station) to Yamanakako or Kawaguchiko. Change to Tosan Bus at JR Kawaguchiko Station.
  • Direct Highway bus Resort Express from Nagoya. Change to Tosan bus at JR Kawaguchiko Station.
  • JR Chuo Line to Ootsuki Station. Change to Fuji Kyuko line. Change to Tosan bus at JR Kawaguchiko Station
  • Fuji Subaru Line (toll needed) to Shin 5-gome(New Fifth Station). Limited entrance period for private cars.

Fujinomiyaguchi Tozandou

Located at 2400 metres, the track starts at the highest point among the four. It is also the shortest track to the peak.

This is the second most popular track besides Kawaguchikoguchi track, so you have to expect lots of people and cars packing in here. The uphill track shares the same route with the downhill track makes the situation even worse.

As the advantage, it is backed by the Surugawan Bay, so you can enjoy the panorama view of the sea while you are hiking; As the disadvantage, by no way you can see the sunrise unless you are very close to the peak.

Main characteristics

  • Closest route to the peak
  • Perfect panorama view of the Surugawan Bay
  • Closest route to the highest point of Mt Fuji-Kengamine
  • The second most crowded route. The uphill and downhill route share the same track makes the track always packed with people and cars
  • Parking lots always occupied
  • Only a few berms available for downhill, makes it rather difficult.
  • The sunrise of Fuji is visible only when you are very close to the peak

Estimate time

  • Uphill: 5km/5hrs
  • Downhill:5km/2.5hrs

Transport to Fuzinomiyaguchi Tozandou

  • Interchange in Shinkansen JR Shinfuji Station or JR Mishima Station. Change to Tozan bus

Subashiriguchi Tozandou

It is commonly known for its Sunabashiri, which you can slide down for 2-3m with only one step.

Less popular than the easy-reached Kawaguchikogudhi track, Subashiriguchi track is less jammed with people and you can let yourself relaxed in the hubs. However, there are only 7 hubs in total for this track. So, get yourself ready with some food and water stock with you.

Full of greenery till 6-gome(Sixth station). Nature scenery are with you along the track.

Main characteristics

  • Less people going for the track. Less packed
  • Plenty of greenery till Sixth station
  • Wonderful view of Surugawan and Izu Peninsula
  • Sunabashiri for downhill eases your effort
  • Careful of your butt as the sunabashiri is really something
  • Few huts are there along the track. Careful of your food and water supply

Estimate time

  • Uphill:7.8km/5.5hrs
  • Downhill:6.2km/3hrs

Transport to Subashiriguchi Tozandou

  • Change to Tozan bus at JR Gotenba Station
  • Change to Tozan bus at OdaKyu Line Gotenba Station

Gotenbaguchi Tozandou

With the opening of the high-attitude-starting-point Kawaguchikoguchi track and Fujimiyaguchi track, Gotenbaguchi track is now known as having the biggest attitude difference from the starting point to the peak, with the gap of 2300 metres.

Along with the total length of 11km and only a few huts available along the track, it is not suggested to amateurs. On the other hand, you can enjoy a quiet and free hiking experience as least people choose here as their pathway.

Main characteristics

  • Few people are going for this track. Comfort trip is promised
  • Tremendous downhill experience by the Ooinubashiri
  • Conquering Mt Fuji and viewing the Hoei Kazan Volcano at the same time
  • Starting from a low altitude, your body should have plenty of time to get use to the climate condition
  • Few hubs available along the track
  • Altitude difference of 2300m, total length of 11km

Estimate time

  • Uphill: 11km/7.5hrs
  • Downhill:8.5km/3hrs

Transport to Gotenbaguchi Tozandou

  • Change to Tozan bus at JR Gotenba Station
  • Change to Tozan bus at Odakyu line Shin-matsuda Station
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