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What is a bus tour?

For those who live in overseas, the majority choose to go for the bus tour organized by travel agencies. People usually choose from joining a tour or as a backpacker when they plan to conquer Mt Fuji. In this page, we will try to look at the merit and demerit of the two.

Merit of tours

  • It gives you a sense of security as a guide leads you all along the trip.
  • You have no need to worry about transport stuffs
  • The total fee is cheaper than back packers.

The first merit, of course, is the sense of security.
This should ease the headache for those who are their first time to climb Mt Fuji. What should I bring with me? How should I control my pace? What should I do if I feel sick? Just leave these questions to the experienced guide who's gonna accompany you throughout the trip and the well-written brochure you will receive from the tour agency.

For those who are from overseas, you do not need to think about the transportation. Just come up to the required meeting place, than it is the job of the travel agency to take you up to the fifth station.

Moreover, it is much cheaper than you order them all by yourselves. Nothing will outrange package tour if you take cost as your first priority.

Together, you are ensured to take a relief in hot springs afterwards.

Backpackers are harder able to enjoy that, especially if they choose bus or railway to go back, as no hot springs are close to any of the bus or train stations.

For those who join the trip, the only thing you need is to take a nap. When you wake up, hot spring is just in front of you. If you like to have a drink, bring your own beer! Or you can order for some, though a bit expensive.

It seems like we have a bunch of good points for tour in a quick glance. Now, we need to go for the other side.


  • You cannot go in your own pace.
  • It can be a hard time going in a group in Mt Fuji.
  • There is little time for you to circle around the cradle.
  • Packed hubs

Personally, unable to walk at one's own pace is the most painful part.
Mt Fuji is an extreme environment, thus the most important factor in the hiking is "go in your own pace".

Usually, the guide will accompany the slowest person. It may sound very easy, but the waiting is somehow very exhausting.

Together, there is usually only 20-30 minutes for you to stay at the peak before going downhill after watching the sunrise at the peak. Thus, there is no time for you to walk around the cradle, expect those tours which promise you in advance.

Thirdly, it takes 30 minutes to walk to the real peak Kengamine from the peak of Kawaguchikokguchi. So, tours usually omit this part.

About the hubs, I have to use the word "squeeze" to describe what I have observed. Maybe you are lucky enough to find a hub which you can relax yourself when you go by yourself. However, no way you can do that if you join a tour, or a tour entered into the hub.

How to choose the right Tour?

By a quick glance, they are all alike. In fact, they are completely different in the inside. Of course the price varies base on what they provide to you. If you go for those which provides guides, springs, transports and whatsoever, you know you have pay more.

Most of the tours are providing all-you-will-need stuffs. These are real good news for amateurs.

Still, some may go for the transport-only tours or those excluding hot springs, which are much cheaper. The main reason, though, is you can go in your own pace.As we have discussed before, it can be exhausting to go in other's pace. If you go for these tours, the travel agencies take care of the transport stuffs, and you are all by yourself on the Mt.

For those who are their 2nd time to go to Mt Fuji, maybe you will like to try it out.
Moreover, there are some packages which can suit those who want the exact hub to stay at night, or just want a one day trip. Personally, it will be perfect if there is a return-hot spring option for me.

Conquering Mt Fuji makes you sweat all to the tip of the toes. To make it worse, there is no shower in the hubs. It won't be a nice picture, especially for the ladies.

There is where the hot spring comes in.

There are plenty of hot springs, as Mt Fuji is a volcano. Why don't you make full use of the local hot spring to refresh yourself when you are in Japan?

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