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Stay in the hub or go for a day-return trip?

You may think of staying in the hubs or go for a day-return trip for your first trip.

In this page, I have wrapped up the major questions.
The answer varies base on why you want to stay at the hub. Just make it clear and you will know what to go for.

Packed hubs in holidays.

The first thing to take in account is no way you can take a comfortable sleep in the holiday, as there are tones of people staying with you.

You can hardly find this in the weekdays, though.

So, don't go for this option if you want to have a safe rest during the holidays. It may even make you feel more tired!

What to go for?

  • If you want to take a rest in the hubs, choose a weekday.
  • It is useless to do so in holidays

I want to see the sunrise!

It is a pity if I do not see the sunrise! If you feel the same, it can be a good idea to stay in the hub.

It takes around 5-7hours for amateurs to walk from Fifth station to the peak, regardless of which route you choose. Base on this data, you will need to get started at around 10pm to 12am if you need to reach the peak at around 5am. That means-

A whole piece of darkness!

That can be extremely boring and dangerous, as you can see nothing around and under your feet!

On the other hand, you can first walk to the hub starting from the afternoon before, than leave the hub on around 1am. By this way, you can enjoy the scenery as well as reduce the possibility of encountering danger.

What to think about?

  • Go for the hubs if you want to see the sunrise.

Is it difficult to go for a day-return trip?

To say at first, it hardly has any differences from staying in the hubs.

Personally thinking, if I do not go for the sunrise, I will go for the motels near the starting point of the Tozando the day before, and hit the track in the morning. After that, I go for the downhill track in the afternoon or in the evening.

I will take the relaxing hot spring and the comfortable Japanese style hotels (it will even be better if there are some cuisines!) than the small, packed-up hubs.

What to think beforehand?

  • Day-return trip makes no difference.
  • Why don't you go for the hotels?


Although I can't say that which is definitely better than the other, you can get yourself a rough picture when you first think about why you want to climb Mt Fuji.

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