Fujinomiyaguchi Trail

Here we have some advices of Mt climbing from Fujinomiyaguchi Touzando to Godenbaguchi via Peak of Mt Fuji.
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List of Fujinomiyaguchi Trail

1st day. Start from Fujinomiyaguchi Trail

This time, we will try the Fujinomiyaguchi Trail!
Among the four track, the starting point of Fujinomiyaguchi is the highest one, thus the walking distance is also the shortest one.
(Details in "About mountain track route")

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1st day. From 5th station to Origin 7th station

Unlike the previous Kawaguchikoguchi Trail, this time we come across a steep slope right at the start of the track.

Sandy ground, rocks all over the road, and the stair compose a harmony.
(but it is still the start only.)

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1st day. Stay in 8th station IKEDA-KAN

The condition of the track changes again starting from here.
Combining with the thin air, rocks stretches out from the track. This can be tough to climb up.

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2nd day. Heading towards the Munatuki-Sanso in human congestion

I can't fall asleep in the hub.

Should I am not such a delicate person, but I just can't sleep. Time flies and it's time for departure.

It is good for person who want to see the sunrise to stay in Ikeda-Kan, as you know when to go by looking at the congestion of people around.

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2nd day. Mt Fuji Peak! How about the sunrise?

The road is still as pack as before.

How's going?

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Report of Ohachimeguri from Fujinomiyaguchi

You are to be reminded that here is not the real peak!

Note that Mt Fuji has a height of 3776m.
It means Kengamine, 500 meter away from the left hand side of Sengen Taisya Shrine.

The peak of Mt Fuji draws a circle round the volcano crater. The circle track is the track of Ohachimeguri. As it is well-maintained, why not trying around the crater?

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Downhill to 7th station of Gotenbaguchi Trail

It is not advisable to stay at the peak for so long deal to the strong UV, thin atmosphere, and the extreme environment.

I was once sent to the hospital because of sunburnt after two hours of napping on the peak, so better to go down the hill immediately after you have fully enjoyed the peak.

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Downhill to Godenba 5th station via Oosunabashiri

The climax-Osunabashiri is waiting for us after the Hinode-Kan of 7th station. By the way, there is no hubs from 7th station to 5th station once you pass by the Hinode-Kan.

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Route map of Fujinomiyaguchi Trail

I have prepared the route map of Fujinomiyaguchi Trail.
It combines the actual GPS data from my experience onto Google Maps, so it should be very accurate.

You can zoom in and out the map by the controller in the right, or switch to aerial photo image. Please make use of this as image training!

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