1st day. Start from Fujinomiyaguchi Trail

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1st day. Start from Fujinomiyaguchi Trail

This time, we will try the Fujinomiyaguchi Trail!
Among the four track, the starting point of Fujinomiyaguchi is the highest one, thus the walking distance is also the shortest one.
(Details in "About mountain track route")

Arrive at Shin Gogoume(new 5th station) by Tozan Bus

Although I can drive to the 5th station, this time I choose to take the Mt Fuji Tozan bus to the Fujinomiya new 5th station as I will leave Mt Fuji via the Oosunabashiri of the Godenbaguchi.

The Tozan bus to Fujinomiyaguchi departures from JR Mishima station, and it takes approximate 2 hours.

By the way, the bus is no way different from any normal bus route.
There are no reservations available and is a busy bus route. Better for you to go a bit earlier and wait for the bus.

Actually, I have to stand through the trip.
That's really something for one to stand for 2 hours before the climbing.

Today(25/8) is a busy day. Nearly all of the parking slots are occupied and cars have to line up for over 4km along the road.

The occupied rate of both buses and parking lots is much more than I have expected.

Finally we are here at the Fujinomiyaguchi New 5th station(Altitude 2400m)

There is one important thing before climbing up. Please do not start climbing right after you arrive at the 5th station. Your body has yet to adapt to the high altitude.

There is a great risk for you to have the altitude sickness, so do stay in the station for at least an hour before you start to climb.

Have the lunch at the rest house

So, let's have a meal at the rest house.
There are soba,udon,ramen, curry rice, and so on, which are the regular menu in Japan.

Noodle(700 yen)+Rice ball(500 yen). Already you can observe the inflated price of Mt Fuji.

I should have bought something to me in the Mishima Station.

This is the worst part in the trip that I forgot to bring enough things to eat.

That's because there are only few hubs in the Fujinomiyaguchi Trail, thus the hubs are all packed with people. To make the case worse, there are no foods that are really attracting your appetite. You need some food consumptions during the climbing, so I really should bring some more candies and Rice ball...

If the weather is fine, we should be able to see the cities downhill from the observatory deck of the rest house. Unfortunately, it is not the case for today. So, let's hope we can have a better luck up on the hill.

Time to head for the peak!

Fujinomiyaguchi Trail
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