1st day. From 5th station to Origin 7th station

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1st day. From 5th station to Origin 7th station

Unlike the previous Kawaguchikoguchi Trail, this time we come across a steep slope right at the start of the track.

Sandy ground, rocks all over the road, and the stair compose a harmony.
(but it is still the start only.)

Let's start climbing Mt Fuji from Fujinomiyaguchi new 5th station!

There are not many plantations on the mountain. One of the common species is this-Onoe Itadori

It is the high attitude variation of the Itadori(Fallopia japonica).

After the steep slope at the beginning, we are welcomed by the gentle sandy track. 30 minutes later and we are in the Rokugome(6th station)

6th station,Arrive at Unkaisou and Hoeizansou

(altitude 2500m,distance 0.7km)
Arrive at 6th station

There are two hubs-Unkaisou and Hoeizansou at the 6th station.

There is a notice board in front of Unkaisou. It is noted "The peak. We mean real from here." We are playing for real from here.

There are bio-toilets in all the hubs along the Fujinomiyaguchi track. 200 yen/use.

However, all the hubs are separated by an hour of walking. Do pay a visit to them once you see one of them.

We go on along the road sandwiched by the hub and the toilet.

It seems to be able to walk straight to the peak, but the steep slopes stands right at the middle of the shortest pathway.

And, something happens around 2600m in altitude...
I have dropped my digital camera and broken the screen!

Please forgive the low quality of the photos as I have no assistance in taking photos for the following trip.

The track from 6th station to 7th station is a mix-up of sand and rocks. The sudden slope can make you slide down easily. Please take care.

Some climbers may try to climb the mountain by going off the track. This is really dangerous so please DON'T do that.

New 7th station Goraikousanso

(altitude 2795m,distance 1.8 km)
Arrive at the New 7th station Goraikosanso.

The Goraikosanso hub is a relatively new and tidy hub.

The track starting from the new 7th station is going to be steeper and has lots of sand. We can see a valley being cut out by a big rock, which is pretty impressive.

I notice that the soil has turned reddish.

Sadly I can't take the picture of the Mt.Hoei zan as we are having a cloudy weather for today.

You may be able to see a tremendous scenery if you try to look back!

Ganso 7gome (origin 7th station) Yamaguchi-Sanso

And we have passed through the New 7th station Goraiko-Sanso.
So, it should be the 8th station. That is the time for the Fuji magic comes in...

1619(altitude 3010m/distance 2.5km)
Origin 7th station Yamaguchi-Sanso...

It is shocking unless you know it in advance!

By the way, there is no labeling of the prices on the drinks available in the hubs along the track. I have checked them in secret. Seems like all hubs sale at the same price-500 yen.

We can see the inflation of price proportion to the altitude for the Kawaguchigoko Track. Even in here we can see the differences among the tracks.

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