1st day. Stay in 8th station IKEDA-KAN

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1st day. Stay in 8th station IKEDA-KAN

The condition of the track changes again starting from here.
Combining with the thin air, rocks stretches out from the track. This can be tough to climb up.

Let's go to the Hachigome(8th station)!

Altitude sickness strikes from around here. So keep your pace!

The clouds start to go away by now.
We can see today's destination-Hachigome Ikeda kan!

Only a bit left!

You need to climb along these rocks. Have to got your mountain stick for this track?

Enjoying the scene from Mt Fuji!

This is somewhat you can try only when it is sunny.

You can see the sea of cloud under your legs, which usually you need to look upon the sky. Sorry that photos are unable to give these feelings to you.

I have to stop for a while to enjoy this.

And the air is so fresh. You can no way have this on the ground.
It already pays off!

The sun sets to the mountain cliff.

What a fantasy view we are having now!

The "Hachigome" sign on the handrail make us feel a relief!

The slope to 8th station is very great indeed. Your legs may feel rather painful if you are not doing much exercise daily, though you can gain much altitude in a short time.

Arrive at the Hachigome Ikeda-Kan

(Altitude 3250m,Distance 3.5km)
Arrive at Hachigome Ikeda-Kan

It takes 4 hours and 13 minutes from 5th station to the 8th station.

There is the only rescue center along Fujinomiyaguchi Trial-Mt Fuji Hygiene Centre next to Ikeda-Kan.

Doctors stay in the centre from late-July to mid August.

By the way, do you know which prefecture does the peak belong to?

In fact, the peak belongs to none of the prefectures.
The peak starting from 8th station belongs to Mt Fuji Hongu Sengen Taisya Shrine. Yamanashi and Shizuoka has no say on there.

So, the notice board next to the rescue center has itself written "Private area of the shrine from here", which shows the ownership of land from 8th station above.

This is the end of the first day of Mt Fuji climbing from Fujinomiyaguchi Trail. We will stay in Ikeda-Kan for the evening and start off again in the midnight!

Comments on Ikeda-Kan

We have curry in Ikeda Kan.
It is delicious, but I don't think that a man will get himself full by this...

No refills for everyone. So bring your own food up here.
About the bed, we are being told to share one futon among three people.
How can you do that?

It is going too far even though we know there are not much space...

We end up with 2 in one futon. Do not expect that you can sleep well in the hubs.

Compare to this, the Toyo-Kan I stayed last year was really something. Refills available and comfortable bed.

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