2nd day. Heading towards the Munatuki-Sanso in human congestion

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2nd day. Heading towards the Munatuki-Sanso in human congestion

I can't fall asleep in the hub.

Should I am not such a delicate person, but I just can't sleep. Time flies and it's time for departure.

It is good for person who want to see the sunrise to stay in Ikeda-Kan, as you know when to go by looking at the congestion of people around.

Human congestion in Fuji, Fuji night climbing

Good morning,everyone.

Still in a deep darkness, and we are leading towards the peak.

And I am shocked by what I see in front of the hub!

There are so many people that you can even hardly walk!

I have heard that there is congestion on the way to the peak for watching the sunrise, but it is beyond my expectation!

I can't make even one step to the track ahead from 8th station.

It is going to be troublesome.

You can see a line of light stretching from here to the peak.
It is somewhat a mysterious scene to see a queue upon altitude 3000m.

Of course there is no light source along the road.
Headlight is your friend, especially when you have to walk along the rocksin a total darkness.

9th station Mannenyuki-Sanso

(altitude 3460m,distance:4.2km)
Arrive at the Mannenyuki-Sanso

The hub uses the perennial snow located at the back of the hub to prepare meals for people. That's why it gets the name Mannenyuki, which is literally translated as perennial snow.

Don't you feel some romance in here?
It is also the biggest hub along the Fujinomiyaguchi Trail, so you may try to come to here during the 1st day.

It takes 10 minutes just to pass through the congestion.

When I look at the sideway, someone is taking a nap under the shelter. Don't they feel cold?(The temperature is 4degree Celsius.)

The congestion is worsening when we are approaching the peak.

There is no time from sunrise, as it starts at around 5. However, we can go no way faster because of the congestion. In the other way round, the slow progress can prevent the strike of altitude sickness.

Kyugogosyaku munatsuki-Sanso(9.5th station)

We are now in the Kyugogosyaku.

(Altitude:3550, distance 4.7km)
Arrive at Kyugogosyaku Munatsuki-sanso

Oh my!
Only an hour left from the sunrise.

To make the thing worse, the up-coming steep slope Munatsuki-Hacyo is known to be the most difficult part of the Fujinomiyaguchi Trail. The fastest guy can use just 30 minutes to conquer it, but I don't think I can even make it to the peak on time if I ever take a rest.

So, just go!

By the way, the only place where you can get a memorable chop with date of arrival is here-the Munatsuki-Sanso. Other hubs only give you a chop but with no date on it. So don't miss out the chance.

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