2nd day. Mt Fuji Peak! How about the sunrise?

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2nd day. Mt Fuji Peak! How about the sunrise?

The road is still as pack as before.

How's going?

The sky of the east starts to become brighter.

Those who think that they will not be on time for the sunrise will stop here to watch the sunrise. However, try to go straight to the peak if you are above the Kyugogosyaku of the Fujinomiyaguchi trail. (As areas above Kyugogosyaku is sheltered by the mountain, so you can try to stay at Kyugogosyaku instead of going up if you can't make it.)

It is also the reason for the popularity of Kawaguchikoguchi Trail , as you can see the sunrise from every spot of the track.

How great is the Sun!
All the darkness is driven away in a split second, even if it is still under the horizon!

But it's still not sunrise.
And there is only so little from the peak.

Here comes the sunrise!

When I try my best to go up the peak without disturbing my pace...

Altitude:3720m. Distance:5.2km

I am just right on time after 3 hours and 10 minutes of walking from 8th station. And it is just the right timing, as the sun just reaches the horizon!

How beautiful it is!
Clear air, blue sky just in the dawn, and the bright Sun.

The sunrise was regarded as the symbol of the Fuji belief in the age of Edo.
Now I know the reason behind.

By the way, all the spaces in front of me are filled by climbers.
There are also packed by climbers next to me. Now you know why there are congestions.

The peak of the Fujinomiyaguchi Trail

So, let's check the surrounding.

The Mt Fuji Hongu Sengen Taisya Okumiya is located at the peak of Fujinomiyaguchi Trail. So, I wanna pay a visit to here.

But, I can't do it as so many people are waiting for the memorial brand.
I have to give my thanks to the spirits of the shrine for here.

Unfortunately, the hub Cyozyo-FujiKan which located at the peak of Fujinomiya Trail has closed from the day before (25/8).

Maybe it is better for me to check the operation period beforehand.

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