Report of Ohachimeguri from Fujinomiyaguchi

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Report of Ohachimeguri from Fujinomiyaguchi

You are to be reminded that here is not the real peak!

Note that Mt Fuji has a height of 3776m.
It means Kengamine, 500 meter away from the left hand side of Sengen Taisya Shrine.

The peak of Mt Fuji draws a circle round the volcano crater. The circle track is the track of Ohachimeguri. As it is well-maintained, why not trying around the crater?

Go for Ohachimeguri from Fujinomiyaguchi!

The big volcano crater of the Mt Fuji peak is the aftermath of the numerous eruptions.

Ohachimeguri means walking around the whole crater.
The Ohachimeguri trail include the Mt Fuji Observatory, Kusushi-Shrine located at the peak of Kawaguchikoguchi Trail and many more. So it is worth to go for it if you can.

This time, we go around the track in the clockwise direction.

There is a puddle-like area when you look into the crater from the side of Sengen Taisya Shrine. That is the Konoshiro-Ike. It is frozen for the whole year!

Going up the Kengamine(altitude 3776m)!

The peak which stands above all is the Kengamine, where the Mt Fuji observatory locates.

The steep slope to Kengamine is named Umanose, which is known for its slippery slope. It is frightening to go up the slope, but it is even worse if you go the other way round. So, it is common to go clockwise.

After conquering the umanose, you can see the stele with the words "The highest point of Japan-Kengamine" and the triangular point.

It does make you feel so well when you are in the highest point of Japan.

You can go inside the observatory deck via the narrow aisle behind the stele.

You can see Fujinomiya-City and Suruga-Bay from here if the weather is fine. But there is something even better for today.

It's Kagefuji! (Shadow of Mt Fuji!)
We can see the enormous shadow of Mt Fuji on the ground.

You can witness this only on Mt Fuji peak!

The best thing of Ohachimeguri is that you can enjoy different sceneries from various angles by walking around the peak.

It makes me feel so great by just viewing from the highest point of Japan!

From Hakusandake to Kusushi Shrine

While I am walking pass by the "Nishi Sai no Kawahara", the Hakusandake, the 2nd highest point of Japan(3756m), stands in front of me.

There is a small crater named Syonain in the basin of Hakusandake.
By the way, the big crater is the Dainain.

How magnificent to see a 3km-wide crater!

You can see the Kawaguchi Lake(河口湖) and the Yamanaka Lake(山中湖) if you look down the crater.

And we are now in the Kusushi Shrine.

Tons of people are rushing from Kawaguchikoguchi Trail...

Walking to Godenbaguchi Trail peak via Dainichi-Dake

There is a torii after the hubs near Kawaguchikoguchi Trail, and for some reasons there are a lot of rings hanging on the torii.

Here is the Dainichi Dake peak.

Viewing the scene of Izugadake and Zyouzyudake, we can see the NTT telephone exchange station.

We end our Ohachimeguri at the peak of the Godenbaguchi Trail.

Here we can see the spring "Ginmeisui".

Doesn't it mysterious and divine to see a spring at the peak?

This is the end of the Ohachimeguri.

You can try out the Ohachimeguri via different tracks, and you will see something different.

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