Downhill to 7th station of Gotenbaguchi Trail

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Downhill to 7th station of Gotenbaguchi Trail

It is not advisable to stay at the peak for so long deal to the strong UV, thin atmosphere, and the extreme environment.

I was once sent to the hospital because of sunburnt after two hours of napping on the peak, so better to go down the hill immediately after you have fully enjoyed the peak.

Where to go down?

Usually, people choose to go down the hill by the same route if they go up by the Fujinomiya Trail.

Unlike other routes which have their uphill and downhill track separated, people going uphill and downhill has to share the same track for Fujinomiya Trail It can be something.

So, I would like to go for the downhill track of the Gotenbaguchi Trail, which is famous for its Oosunabashiri, the fastest and most comfortable track among all tracks.(Details of the route here)

What is Oosunabashiri?
The track is fully covered by sand. One step can already mean 1-2m. Imagine of skiing and you get that.

Downhill via Gotenbaguchi!

0830(altitude 3720m, distance 0km)

There is no Sunabashiri for the start of the track, as it is also part of the uphill track. Still, the road is covered by soft sand, so it is much easier than the rocky Fujinomiya Trail.

Sunny for today!
Blue sky is the only way that comes to my mind when I look back at the top of the peak.

There is a emergency exit to the Fujinomiya Trail(picture in the right). So don't mix the two up.

We can see an abandoned hub.

Nanago Kyusyaku Akaiwa Hachigokan(7.9th station)

(altitude:3300m,distance 1.6km)
We have reached the Nanago Kyusyaku Akaiwa Hachigokan.

My legs still feel a bit painful after walking for an hour, though the road was already an easy one. I had a bad time last year during the downhill track, so I play safe for this year.

And we can see some more ruins here.

Is it because of the difficulties of going up Fuji from Gotenbaguchi Trial?

Nanagome(7th station) Sunabashirikan

(Altitude:3110m,distance 2.2km)

Today is the last day of August, so the hub is preparing to close.

Nanagome(7th station) Hinodekan

We are passing the Hinodekan, which has finished its schedule for the year.

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