Downhill to Godenba 5th station via Oosunabashiri

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Downhill to Godenba 5th station via Oosunabashiri

The climax-Osunabashiri is waiting for us after the Hinode-Kan of 7th station. By the way, there is no hubs from 7th station to 5th station once you pass by the Hinode-Kan.

No need to wait till the notice board of the Oosunabashiri. You can see the shift of road condition by your naked eye. How thick are the sands on the road!

Oh, it's so quick!
It's gonna by relaxing. Slipping downward in no time!

However, there is one very bad point for the Oosunabashiri...

The dust is no joking.
Your nasal cavity and outer ears are gonna filled by sand and dust when you get to the 5th station. Moreover, your rucksack will also covered by dust.

Better to go with a mask and rucksack cover.

Altitude 2776m distance 4.4km

We are now in front of the junction to Fujinomiyaguchi Trail via Hoei volcano.

You can easily go downhill by this route and then return to the Fujinomiyaguchi Trail. It is much better than returning from the same route from the peak and still going back to the Fujinomiya 5th station. However, you have to take the extra 2km and the bumpy mountain road of Hoei volcano.

We don't choose this route but continue to go on the original Oosunabashiri.

Here we come for the real thing!

We fly over around 2.5km till Nigogosyaku.

There are some facilities along the road.
What's that?

The skirt of Mt Fuji is right in front of us after we pass through the sea of cloud.

We feel like seeing Laputa! (Laputa-The flying castle in animation LAPUTA: Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki.)

That's the end of Oosunabashiri!

Altitude 1920m Distance: 7.1 km
We are now in the Nigogosyaku.

The confortable Oosunabashiri ends here.
As we slides through the whole track, it takes time for us to get use to walk again.

There are some places that are still covered by thick sand. If you can spot out those, you can still slide down the track.

Altitide:1520m Distance:9.9km
We are now in Ooishicyaya

Here they provide cleansing water for you to wash away the dust(100 yen). It helps a lot.

Arrive at Gotenbaguchi 5th station.

The 5th station is close after you pass the Oishityaya.
500m away from the bus stop of Godenbaguchi Trail.

Altitude 1440m. Distance:10.4km
Arrive at the Fuji Express bus stop, Godenbaguchi Tozando.

It departs from Godenbaguchi to JR Godenba Station.
Note that it does not go pass Fujinomiyaguchi(JR Mishima st).

This bus is also a regular bus, so you may not have a seat if you don't arrive there a bit earlier than the bus schedule.

I go to have a Sento(public spa) to wash away the sweat and dust for two days.

There is only one Sento-Ninzinyu around the JR Godenba Station. People rush into here to give themselves a refresh.

It is not expensive, with the entrance fee of 360yen. However, it is not a wide public bath so it is not easy for one to sit down and take some rest. Personally speaking, why not ride on a bus and go to the Godenba Kougen resort-Tokinosu.

After the Mt Fuji climbing

Now we have safely finished our trip starting from Fujinomiyaguchi Trail.
Unlike last year, we are blessed by the good weather and the sceneries. I am satisfied to see the sunrise.

Mt Fuji.
She shows you a different scene every time you come to here.

I am pretty sure that I will come here next year.

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