Kawakuchikoguchi Trail

This is the report and route map of Mt climbing starting from Kawakuchikoguchi 5Goume to Mt Fiji Peak by foot.
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List of Kawakuchikoguchi Trail

1st day. Start of climbing Mt Fuji!

This time, it is a 2-day trip with a stay in the hub as I wanna witness the sunrise.

I get started from the Kawakuchikoguchi trail to the hub Toyou Kan.Toyou Kan is just in front of the Hachigoume(Eighth Station,altitude 2936m), with the altitude difference of about 700m from the 2300m Fifth Station. The total length is 4.2 km.

Let's roll!

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1st day. There are a lot of hub from seventh station

The whole distance from Rokugome(sixth station)to Nanagome(seventh station)is around 1.5 km and with an altitude difference of 300m.

The gentle zigzag track may seem very boring, but it can somehow be a challenging trip.

By the way, you can ride a horse from the fifth station to the hub Hanagoya.

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2nd day. Goraiko - Sunrise seen from Mt. Fuji

I got awake, but feeling not so rested...

The original plan is to departure from the hub on 0030, and go to see the sunrise.

But, the sound of rain and storm may me think for the worst.
It is a heavy one...

I do have some raingear with me, but they are no way effective to keep me dry in this kind of heavy rain. So, just wait till it stops!

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2nd day. Hachigome? real-hachigome?

By the way, there is a reddish gentle slope starting from the right of the track of Taishi-kan. This is called Yoshida Oosawa, a previous downhill track. Now, this is prohibited from entrance deal to falling boulders.

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2nd day. I conquer Mt.Fuji!

The Mt.Fuji Hotel is 20 minutes away from the Gansoshintu.

It is already a long way from the Hachigoume Taishikan, shouldn't here the Kyugoume(9th Station)?

We all believe in that...

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Walking around the crater from Kawaguchikoguchi

Starting from Kawaguchikoguchi trail for hours, going through the torii of the Kusushi Shrine,

And we are now at the peak!

Sharing the joy, taking pictures, and enjoying the ramen. But this is not the end!

Here, which looks like the peak, is only 3720m in altitude.
The real peak is noted as 3776m on the map...

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Downhill Starting with great condition

After conquering of the peak, finishing the Ohachimeguri, and having a drink, it's time to go down.

"It should be easy to go downhill after the painful uphill trip."

My little hope will be crushed into pieces later on.

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Downhill tricked by the weather of Fuji

The weather on the mountain changes rapidly that weather you are in between the clouds matter much.

Sunny and rainy come across with each other in no time.

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Route map of the Kawaguchikoguchi Trail

I have made a detailed version map of the Mt Fuji from Kawaguchigoko track. As it is based on the data of mine GPS, it should be correct for most of it.

This should be very helpful for your try to the peak.

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