1st day. Start of climbing Mt Fuji!

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1st day. Start of climbing Mt Fuji!

This time, it is a 2-day trip with a stay in the hub as I wanna witness the sunrise.

I get started from the Kawakuchikoguchi trail to the hub Toyou Kan.Toyou Kan is just in front of the Hachigoume(Eighth Station,altitude 2936m), with the altitude difference of about 700m from the 2300m Fifth Station. The total length is 4.2 km.

Let's roll!

Mt Fuji Climbing!

登山前富士山を望むHere's the Gogoume (Fifth Station) of Mt Fuji.

The mountain looks so big that I though "Am I really going to climb this damn thing".

富士登山像That's a status of a person going to conquer the mountain.

There is no stores and whatsoever from the starting point to the Nanagoume(Seventh station), so I have had water and khakkhara ready in the fifth station. Let's go!

So here is the entrance of Kawakuchikoguchi trail.

There are so many people going downhill as it is the time when the day-trip people get returned.

You get yourself feeling so great when you started to climb the Mt, but it is the time when the altitude sickness strikes, so I have to cool myself down and keep my own pace.


The weather in the fifth station was relatively fine, but the fog takes over once I walk into the track.The weather in the mountain changes rapidly, which we will see it later.

After finishing the first downhill track, we come across with the Yoshidaguchi trail.

泉ヶ滝The Izumigataki, located at the side of the track.

It is a great spot though many just walk pass it.

●What is Izumigataki?
Mt Fuji has constantly get herself erupted.(Ref: History of Mt Fuji)
The initial eruption resulted as the Komitake Kazan Volcano, which is almost covered by the Mt Fuji. And the Izumigataki is the only place where you can see the andesite which once the peak of the Komitake Kazan.

Don't you feel the power of the Mother Nature when you see the ancient peak of Mt Fuji?

Beside, the rain water fallen onto the Mt slides down the Mt instead of penetrating into the underground deal to the slip slides.As the result, we can see many springs like this at places of around 2000m in altitude.


The visual distance is limited by the fog, but the area is added a bit of fantasy feelings with the help of the green. The nature do makes one enjoy hiking!

Though you need to pay attention to the ground unless you love to step of some horse poops!

Reach the Mt fuji Rokkoume(Sixth station)

The track is both wide and gentle. I reached the sixth station while I was thinking about "Oh dear hasn't the green around start to reduce".

Reach the Rokkoume Station(officially marked 2390m altitude)

Maybe you will think about it is a piece of cake to reach the eighth station, but be aware that it is only one-eighth of the track regarding the altitude.

There is a Mt Fuji Safety instructing centre in the sixth station. The staffs distribute brochure about safety hiking of Fuji. The brochure has a simplified map of the track, so do get it.


There is a weather forecast in front of the center, but it says "Cloudy then fog, follows by rain and storm"...

Okay, everything but not sunny.

Temporary toilets X4
Toilet paper available.

穴小屋The first hub of the Kawakuchikoguchi trail, "Anagoya locates just five minutes away from Sixth station.

Seems like it does not gonna open again for this year.

There is a junction point for downhill just after the Anagoya. The maintenance is very great as to prevent landslides. We can see those guardrails standing in the tracks.

In a whole, the track is a gentle one with good maintenance. It should not be a hard track, though there are some short squeezes which are higher than the usual steps. These somehow drag away your strength.


You can see the hubs located on the higher positions while you are walking along the squeezes. There are really plenty of hubs, just as what I have heard in the Kawakuchikoguchi trail.

Kawakuchikoguchi Trail
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