1st day. There are a lot of hub from seventh station

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1st day. There are a lot of hub from seventh station

The whole distance from Rokugome(sixth station)to Nanagome(seventh station)is around 1.5 km and with an altitude difference of 300m.

The gentle zigzag track may seem very boring, but it can somehow be a challenging trip.

By the way, you can ride a horse from the fifth station to the hub Hanagoya.

Reach the Hanagoya, Seventh station(altitude 2700).

Unlike the well-maintain track, the track is filled with rocks and boulders starting from Hanagoya.

OMG, what is happening!?

The slope becomes very steep starting from this rocky spot. It is happy to know that you will have a better horizon with a quicker speed, but it is also fearsome that it is harder to maintain my own pace.

Starting from here, it is the real climax of the Kawaguchikoguchi Trail. You can see hubs one after another consciously.

It is nice to have some benches to sit down all the way along.

Another hub, Hinode Kan. Just 10 minutes walking from Hanagoya.

2 hours after the start of climbing, the Mt has herself covered with a veil of darkness.

T-shirt and trousers was fine during daytime, but seems like I have to add some more clothes after sunset. The temperature difference is very great from daytime to night time. Preparation is greatly appreciated.

The food and items available in Mt.Fuji hubs are all sky-rocketed.

No way will you accept these prices even in Tokyo. Moreover, the price is proportional to the altitude.

5 minutes of walking, and we are in Tomoe Kan.

From here, I can see nothing but completely darkness. The only source of light is the hubs. It is even hard to see the track!

That's the headlight to the rescue!

10 minutes of walking, and we can see Kamaiwa Kan.

Another 10 minutes of walking, another hub Fujiichi kan.

It do make you have a sense of security, but don't you think that it is not so fit into what we can night-climbing?

Just too many hubs!
Is it because the Kawaguchigokou track is the most popular track, so that' why there are so many hubs?

I was thinking about this when I reached the red Torii while walking on the igneous-rock track.

Arrived at the Torii So. Check! The Red Torii.

I really wonder about the name of here. The official name of the Torii So is "Hon Nanagome Torii So" (translated as "The official Seventh Station-Torii So")

What's that "official"!?
And what is that seventh station we have just gone pass through?

Mt Fuji Hub "Toyo Kan"

Reach the hub we are staying for tonight. Toyo kan. Altitude 2936 meter.

Altitude difference from start: 700 meter.
Total walking distance: 4.2 km

And we have marked the end of 1st?day trip.

The hubs of Mt Fuji have their rule strictly kept. They won't allow a newcomer if all the beds are occupied, even if the weather outside is not very well.

It will not be so funny if you reach the hub after a whole day walking and find out that there are no rooms for you to stay. So I have made a reservation in advance.

Toyou Kan has itself reformed few years ago, so it looks very nice, as you can see. The fresh fragrance of wood comforts me.

Usually, curry rice is the common menu in all the hubs. However, burger set is being served in here. A taste of luxury! I didn't expect to have a delicious meal in these hubs. But I was wrong, in a good sense!

Also, no one will need to face other's feet while sleeping, which is also different from what I have heard before.

Oh my, just how great we have!
Let's feel asleep quickly!

That's when "that" strikes.


There are so many tours in the hub, so it is rather hard to sleep in such environment.

If you have one or two turning around, it is not so noisy. How about 40-50 people doing that? I can't bear with that.

I was so naive to think I can fall asleep in the hub.
Going to the 2nd day.

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