2nd day. Goraiko - Sunrise seen from Mt. Fuji

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2nd day. Goraiko - Sunrise seen from Mt. Fuji

I got awake, but feeling not so rested...

The original plan is to departure from the hub on 0030, and go to see the sunrise.

But, the sound of rain and storm may me think for the worst.
It is a heavy one...

I do have some raingear with me, but they are no way effective to keep me dry in this kind of heavy rain. So, just wait till it stops!

In the end, I wait till 0430.

I have to go through the fog is still very thick, as the rain has stopped.

Although there is no rain, it is just like walking inside clouds.
For sure that the fog will condense onto the clothes, I have the raingears ready and start the journey.

The track is still as rocky as yesterday, so be careful not to slip down.

10 minutes after departure, there is a notice board in complete darkness...

"This is 3000m in altitude.
Finally I get through 3000meter! Oh yeah!

But the sky starts to turn bright.
Should the sunrise be very soon?

I have heard that you can see the sunrise from nearly everywhere of the Kawaguchikoguchi trail. Is that really true?

0505. Hachigome Taishikan

Altitude 3100m
I do reach some heights in a short time!

The name Taishi-kan is after the famous Syotoku Taishi, as he ride on his horse and came to here in legend.

30 minutes from departure and I start to feel hungry!
You need to get yourself refueled as quickly as possible once you feel hungry or even get knocked out .

So, breakfast with Taishi-kan as background.
I have the Onigiri bought from Toyo-Kan. Delicious salted carrot and Salmon!

The 8th station Rescue center locates right next to the Taishi-kan. Better to check your body condition before going on as there are no more rescue station onward.

Finish the breakfast and break. Journey continues!

The track is still as rocky as before, but at least we can see things clearly.

Coming up is the Munetukihaccyo, commonly known as the hardest part of the track. Keep your pace!

Here comes the question.

The sunrise forecast for today was 0445.
And now it is after 5. Looking around, we can see the surrounding is already very bright indeed.

Has the sun already risen up?

Oh, a little bit sad.

Just when I think like that, there is becoming brighter and brighter in between the gap of the clouds.

Oh! It's the Sun!
The Sun just arises from the thick clouds!

Although the sunrise does not start from the horizon, the cloudy sunrise lights up the whole surrounding in a split second!

This is great!
It's so tremendous that all the tiredness has been burnt away.

The scenery has become such a clear one, thank to the Sun that kicks away all the fog!

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