2nd day. Hachigome? real-hachigome?

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2nd day. Hachigome? real-hachigome?

By the way, there is a reddish gentle slope starting from the right of the track of Taishi-kan. This is called Yoshida Oosawa, a previous downhill track. Now, this is prohibited from entrance deal to falling boulders.

It turns the downhill trip much more difficult as we can't use the Sunabashiri.

0530 Arrived at 8th station Horai-kan

Altitude 3150m

I started to have the symptoms of altitude sickness when I got passed 3000m.

A little bit of headache is no serious problem, but to prevent it to become worse, I try the following ways:

  • Deep breathe
  • Consume water more rapidly

The sunrise from Horai-kan is another spectacular view. I just can't help myself but staying here for a while.

There is a new stele written as Horai Kameiwa Dairyuzin (literally The Dragon God of the Horai Tortoise Rock). However, I know nothing about that, or I should say, my body has called my brain to stop thinking about that.

As you can see in the photo, the scene is the combination of the clouds which sandwiches the Sun.

I was lucky to go up the mountain at this moment.

From Horai-kan, the slope becomes a gentle one with lots of sands on it.

It is easy to walk, but you can hardly gain altitude. But think in the other side, we ought not to go up too fast from here. Doesn't it just right to have this gentle slope?

The next hub Hakun-Sou is 20 minutes away from Horai-kan.

0612 Arrive at Hakun-Sou

It is said you can view the Five Lakes of Fuji, but we can only see the sea of clouds.

0623 Arrive at Gansomuro after 10 minutes from Hakun-Sou.

Gansomuro is next to the eboshiiwa Shrine, which has Zikigyo Miroku, a follower of Mt Fuji, as the main god. Just pay a visit to there, as I know nothing about the shrine.

Eboshiiwa Shrine
Almost everyone just pass through here.

There is a stale standing on the track in between Gansomuro to Mt.Fuji Hotel. The message of "Ganbare" on the stale gives you strength, especially in such an extreme condition.

Let's roll!

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