2nd day. I conquer Mt.Fuji!

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2nd day. I conquer Mt.Fuji!

The Mt.Fuji Hotel is 20 minutes away from the Gansoshintu.

It is already a long way from the Hachigoume Taishikan, shouldn't here the Kyugoume(9th Station)?

We all believe in that...

0655 Arrive at Mt.Fuji Hotel.

We can hear our heart has broken after seeing the signboard of the entrance.

"Altitude 3400m HonHachigo(Real 8th station) Mt.Fuji Hotel"

Real, Real 8th station!?
So what is that 8th station we have passed by?

You just mix us up...

Although the Mt.Fuji Hotel has the name of hotel, it is a hub.

Still, the hub is much bigger than all the other hubs. It composes of three blocks of hubs.

By the way, I learnt that the Mt Fuji Hotel can help you to keep your luggage by just 300 yen after I go back. When you go up the hill at night, it is really good news as you can go up to the peak with fewer carriages.

The Tomoe-Kan, located just back of the Mt Fuji Hotel.

Here the Subashiriguchikou Tozandou joins the Kawaguchigokou track.

There is a hub named Edoya next to the Tomoe-Kan. The two hubs and the Mt.Fuji Hotel combine to be a great block of hubs.

There is only one hub before you reach the peak, the Goraiko-Kan. So, please get some water if you have drunk most of them.

From Edoya, there is a stale written "Area of Asama Taisya Shrine".
I start to walk to the final hub Goraiko-Kan, thinking of we have stepped into the peak area.

From here, the road is full of sand and small red rocks. It does require some strength as there are no much air in here.

0735. Arrive at Goraiko-Kan

It is the last Hub, but we still do not arrive at the 9th station.

It still takes about an hour from the peak, so do go to the toilet and get some food and water.

If the weather is fine, you can see the blocks of hubs, the mountain surface, and the torii of the Mukaekusushi Shrine of the 9th station.

I do feel excited when I can see the goal, but I could not keep thinking whether there is really the goal as we have had those "real 8th station" and so what.
(To say the truth, I thought the peak is not the 9th station.)

The white Torii is not located at the peak after passing the Goraikou-Kan!

0815 arrive at the 9th station Mukaekusushi Shrine

The white Torii is the entrance of the Shrine.

Mukaekusushi Shrine in the 9th Station, but we can see no signs of showing that.
So, we continue our journey, thinking that the peak is the 9th station.

We don't know what started to do so, but there are lots of coins implanted into the Torii.

There is a small Hokora(Small shrine) after passing the shrine, but there is only a piece of Boulder inside. "Is this the shrine?" We wonder.

30 minutes of walk to the peak after passing the Mukaekusushi shrine.

The track to the peak suddenly becomes so deep that you have to think that it is the natural-made climax for the finale.

Starting from here, the differences of physical strength start to really matter.
Please think of your own body condition to take rest. If you need to take a rest or you need to walk slowly, please go to the side of the track.

I finally can't hold on and go too fast. What a stupid move!
That adds to the altitude sickness.

It is really sad to have the sickness just right next to the peak, so please maintain your own pace.

After the stair-like slope and steep slope, we can see the white Torii closer and closer.

There's the Komainu... is there...

Passing through the Torii onbashi...
The Peak!

0850 arrive at the Mt Fuji Peak

We are welcomed by the stale of the Asama Shrine Okunomiya.

Finally we are here! Altitude 3720m.
(The real peak is 3776m. And that will be accomplished later when we walk around the crater.)

There are about 4 hubs around the peak. People are taking pictures for the precious moment, making jokes on others, or having a drink, which make the area really busy.

We arrived here a bit late as to avoid the bad weather. It should have more people if we have arrived here in the dawn as we have scheduled.

The journey is a nice one as the road was not packed with people and we get changces to enjoy the sceneries during the walking.

Let's go inside the Kusushi shrine as a part of our journey!

They will give a peak edition stamp onto your khakkhara if you bring along that with you.

My tummy starts roaring, maybe I have a relief after reaching the peak!
Let's go for a Ramen on the peak. Expensive,though.

This is the peak ramen!

No matter in which angle, I can see nothing but some instant noodles. Priced 800yen...
But it is the magic of Mt Fuji peak to make you feel satisfy even with this!

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