Walking around the crater from Kawaguchikoguchi

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Walking around the crater from Kawaguchikoguchi

Starting from Kawaguchikoguchi trail for hours, going through the torii of the Kusushi Shrine,

And we are now at the peak!

Sharing the joy, taking pictures, and enjoying the ramen. But this is not the end!

Here, which looks like the peak, is only 3720m in altitude.
The real peak is noted as 3776m on the map...

Here is not the real peak!

The peak of Mt.Fuji is a 600m-diameter crater, which we will go around it.
This is called Ohachimeguri, which strikes everybody when you think that you have reach the peak, as the optional track is 3km long.

The real peak of Mt.Fuji-Kengamine is in the middle of the track.
(By the way, it is at the opposite side of the place if you come to the peak via Kawaguchikoguchi trail.)

You can no way miss out the real peak as we are now here at the peak. So let's start our Ohachimeguri!

0915 Ohachimeguri begins.

It will be nice to see the crater, but we can see only the fog...
To say the truth, walking along the track is already a tough job.

There are lots of words written on the rocks of the Kusushidake, but we can hardly see anything because of the fog...

There are no plants in here. Don't you think it looks like the hell, with all these fog and rocks here?

Here should be the peak of the Kusushioka, but I am not sure deal to the fog.

I hope the sun will get rid of the fog later, but seems like it's not going to happen...

The Wariishi of the Buddha,Kinmeisui and Syonaiin should be around here, but as the fog are blocking our sight, we have to go pass through all of them...

We are now in the highest place of Japan "Kengamine"

1015 Arrive at Kengamine

Deep inside the fog, there is the Mt Fuji Observatory.
There is the real peak-Kengamine, altitude 3776m, the highest point of Japan.

Next to the observatory, there are the triangular point that shows the top of Mt.Fuji, the stele of Kengamine, and the GPS marking point of Fuji. You can see a whole of them in here.

The stele of Kengamine, the highest point of Japan.

We are finally here!The highest point of Japan!

We should be able to see the crater if the weather is fine.

The observatory is next to the peak of Kengamine, and we can see the observation deck.

I once have the chance to see the panorama view of the sea of the clouds, but

Oh my god...
I have the feeling of seeing this-a whole piece of pure white. The weather is not our ally.

It is a pity as the weather was fine during the way of climbing, but it is Mt Fuji.

The uphill course Umanose(literary the back of the horse) is known as the hardest part of the Ohachimeguri, as the way is unimaginably slippery and deep slide. But we are going the opposite way as we go in the anti-clockwise direction.

I thought it will be easy to go downhill, but seems like it is as difficult as going uphill.

Sengen Taisya shrine Okunomiya

1040 Sengen Shrine Okunomiya
You will arrive here if you come from the Fujinomiyaguchi trail.

Finally you are here starting from the Sengen Shrine of the FujyYoshida

Next to the Sengen Taisya Shrine Okunomiya is the Mt Fuji peak post office. You can post the souvenir from here. I wanna send something to myself together to family and friend, so I go to there...

"The post office operates from 10th July to 20th August every year."

Today is already 27th of August. It already stops operate...

1045 Top of the Godenbaguchi trail

The Godenbaguchitrail peak is much smaller than the others, looking from the Sengen Taisya shrine.

It is a quite place compare to the other three tracks.

Gimeisui, which believes to be a spiritual spring, comes out from the Godenbaguchi trail peak. It is surprising to find a spring on the peak of such rocky ground. This should be called spiritual.

When we go up a little bit from the Gimeisui, we come to the scenery named Higashiyasunokawara.We can see the NTT telephone exchange station, with some staffs working on it.

After walking pass the Zyozyudake, Izudake, and Dainichidake, we will come back to the starting point of the Kusushi Shrine.

1105 Dainichidake peak
There are a lot of bells blinded on the torii.

By the way, we can view the Kusushi Shrine from here if the weather is fine.

1110 Subashiriguchi Downhill track.

We have come back to the starting point.

We will go downhill from the subashiriguchi track.

End of Ohachimeguri

Thanks to all of you!
Here is the end of the "climbing".

So, let's go for "that".

Yup. We have our beer and cheers!

Thanks for all!
The taste of the beer should be the best ever...

Something strange...

To be honest, it tastes bad!
Is this really beer, or is this something else?

As the air pressure is so low up on the hill, the carbon dioxide escapes from the beer in an incredible speed.

So, not only the taste is bad, it sticks onto the throat!

No way will I drink beer on the peak again, though it is a precious experience!

Kawakuchikoguchi Trail
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