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Downhill Starting with great condition

After conquering of the peak, finishing the Ohachimeguri, and having a drink, it's time to go down.

"It should be easy to go downhill after the painful uphill trip."

My little hope will be crushed into pieces later on.

Especially as there is no Sunabashiri downhill track for the Kawaguchigokou Track.

By the way, for those people who say that they will never come to the Mt Fuji again, most of them have tried the Kawaguchigoko track. The reason is simple. After the satisfaction of conquering the mountain, they are to experienced the killing downhill track, which the memory lasts forever...

That is the downhill track of Kawaguchikoguchi trail.

1130 Start of downhill

We go down following the wide downhill track.

I go a little bit fast as the track is wide and it is downhill...

The slope is a very steep one, which makes tremendous damage to your knees.
Many can't even go one step further after 10 mintues as their knees and toes are too painful to walk.

And my knees are no exception...

The kwaguchikoguchi trail is divided into the uphill and downhill track. And you can see the difference of the people density of the uphill track, when you are sliding down the downhill track!

Mind that there are only a few toilets for the escape route, Mt Fuji Hotel at the 8th station, and the junction of the Subashiri track.

Suddenly, I can hear great noise from uphill!

When I look back, there is a BullDozer coming down the hill!

The road is not so wide comparing to its size, but it drifts so beautifully along the track!

Careful for the junction during downhill

You need to pay attention when you choose to go downhill via the kwaguchikoguchi and Subashiriguchi trail. The two downhill tracks share the same road for quite a long distance. They don't spate from each other until the junction which the two go apart.

If you miss the correct way, you will be going to the different entrance, which you will need to pay over 10000 yen to the taxi driver....

The junction locates at the Edoya. Notice the orange and yellow notice board.

Take a rest in the Edoya and visit the toilet.
There are no toilets for the next 2km!

Besides, there are no hubs till 5th station, so do get some water and food if there is not enough reserves.

The beer in the middle of the photo is the one I brought at the peak. My altitude sickness turns worse deal to this.

Altitude sickness has become worse.
My head start to break apart as I drank when having the sickness.

I thought the sickness will be cured once I start going downhill, but I was wrong!
Am I having the sickness? If you are wondering about this, don't even think about alcohol!

We come out from the cloud and we can see the sun again.

My mind has been cured by the beautiful scenery.

There is really nothing for the downhill, so we go down quietly.

We take 1 hour to reach the junction, but as there is nothing important to be written down, so I will skip all of that.

1325 emergency first aid station

As there are no hubs, there is one station during the track. There is really nothing inside, just for you to stay if there are rainstorms outside.

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