Downhill tricked by the weather of Fuji

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Downhill tricked by the weather of Fuji

The weather on the mountain changes rapidly that weather you are in between the clouds matter much.

Sunny and rainy come across with each other in no time.

1400 Fog again?

I seem to walk into clouds again while descending.

It is not a great thing.
My legs hurt, my eyes see nothing but fog, and my body is wet deal to the cloud.

But you need to walk if I wanna go down.

1410 Mt Fuji public toilet.

We finally can see a toilet near the end of the long zigzag track.

Three more zigzags after the toilet and there are no more zigzags.
Straight way ahead only.

Maybe you will feel it is near the end of the downhill track, but there are still 2kms ahead.

You can choose to ride on the horses and they will take you back to the 5th station.

Choose from walking by your legs or sacrifice 10000 yen.

We can see more plantations after passing through the 7th station.

Finally 6th station

1450 reached 6th station

We get back to the Mt Fuji Safety Instruction centre at the 6th station.

I'm nearly too tired to say a word.

Today's weather is cloudy than foggy.
They are a little bit more sure of what's gonna be!

By the way, my head's gonna break into half!
It doesn't give any signs of recovery even I have been going down for a while.

It was so hurt that I have to take some pills from my friend.
It works! Try this out.

After the 6th station and the forest, it is the final part of the downhill track.

Seeing the sceneries which we saw it during the uphill track, it makes people feeling relax. However, don't forget that they is still one last uphill track waiting ahead.

The final uphill part of the Mt Fuji Downhill track.

There is a gentle uphill slope from Izumigataki to 5th station.

1525 reach 5th station.

End of the downhill!
The weather is so fine in here! Lucky!

The journey has finally come to the end.

We had rain, altitude sickness, painful knees and whatsoever, I still have to say I have myself enjoyed.

The beautiful scenery is so great that you are not able to see any of that if you do not go uphill by yourself. And that pays off!

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