Preparation for Mt Fuji climbing

What you need to do for easy conquer of Mt Fuji.
Climbing Guide for Mt FUJI
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List of Preparation for Mt Fuji climbing

Necessary tool for Mt.Fuji climbing

In this page, we will go through those you will need to bring with you when you go to Mt Fuji.Firstly, let's see the "must-bring" stuffs. They are:

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Convenient tool

In the page, we will go over those items that it will be better if you bring them along with you.It will add on so much weight to your luggage, so only bring what you really need.

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About the clothing for climbing

As explained before, the weather up on the Mt.Fuji is completely different from the ground. The weather changes rapidly from sunny to rainy and vice versa.

Among all, the most dramatic change is the temperature. The temperature drops for 0.6 degree Celsius for every 100 meter upward. So the temperature difference can reach 20 degrees.

If you are so unlucky that a storm directly hits you, this can be a matter of life and death. So, do pay much attention on your clothing.

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Check list of items

Please make full use of the following checklist and make a careful check before you start your journey.

The following is the list of the must-bring items and suggested items.

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Instructions for women

Recently, I wonder whether there are more women than men on Mt.Fuji. Climbing Fuji is a trendy hobby to our ladies.

Of course it is a nice piece of news to the gentlemen. However, please pay attention to the following matters as Mt Fuji is somehow an extreme environment and needs some special hints to make sure that everything goes well.

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To deal with altitude sickness

We all need to think about the altitude sickness, as this is so common among hikers.

Every year, there are many who have to call a stop as they developed the symptoms of the sickness.(In a mountain of 4000 metres in altitude, around half of the people show more or less some symptoms of the sickness) .

So, we will introduce how to prevent the sickness, and how to deal with it if it appears.

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