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Convenient tool

In the page, we will go over those items that it will be better if you bring them along with you.It will add on so much weight to your luggage, so only bring what you really need.

  • Mountaineering sticks
  • Snacks
  • Leggings
  • First aid oxygen/eatable oxygen
  • Mask
  • Wet tissue
  • Disposable Toothbrush
  • Air salonpas
  • Earplugs

Mountaineering sticks

トレッキングポール「ステッキ」There are some souvenir sticks which are marked as conquered Mt Fuji available at the Mt(200 yen each). But I will doubt whether it worths that. It does mean something in easing your downhill trip when you need to walk along the stairs. Do bring a compact one in case that you can put it inside your sack.


Don't even think about bringing regular meals up the mountain as for hygienic reason and the weight. Still, snacks will be a good alternative in case your body runs out of energy.

Chocolate and caramel are some good options, but I choose to go with black sugar crack seed as it can provide both salt and sugar at the same time.


コンパクトスパッツThey prevents sands sneak into your shoes when you are going downhill. If you don't own one, plastic bags serve similar uses, too.

First aid oxygen/eatable oxygen

携帯酸素For foreigners, this may seem strange, but they are available in Japan drugstores.

Opinions are divided about whether they are useful or not. Still, they cost only 500 yen and relatively light in weight, they may make you feel better if you bring them with you.

Some may refer the eatable one is more useful than the spay type.


マスクThe sandy downhill tracks are so dry that you can find flying dust everywhere. They do no good to your nasal cavity.

Masks are your good partners during downhill, but they do the right opposite for the uphill trip. How should we do...

Wet tissue

ウェットティッシュWater is a precious resource in Mt Fuji. So, there are no water for you to wash your hands and face.

That's when wet tissue to the rescue.

Disposable toothbrush

使い捨てハブラシYour mouth's gonna stink if you don't brush it during the stay in the hub.

The combination of toothbrush and drinking water can refresh your mind instantly.

Do bring it with you!

Air Salonpas

エアーサロンパスHours of hiking along the hiking track are tough jobs to your legs.

"I can go for no more". If you have this feeling, a breeze of Salonpas can heal you.


耳栓Only for those who choose to stay in hubs.

Hubs during holidays are packed by hikers. Earplugs serve you when somebody nears you snoring for the whole night.

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