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About the clothing for climbing

As explained before, the weather up on the Mt.Fuji is completely different from the ground. The weather changes rapidly from sunny to rainy and vice versa.

Among all, the most dramatic change is the temperature. The temperature drops for 0.6 degree Celsius for every 100 meter upward. So the temperature difference can reach 20 degrees.

If you are so unlucky that a storm directly hits you, this can be a matter of life and death. So, do pay much attention on your clothing.

How to deal with the freezing weather on Mt Fuji

I bring the following clothes with me for each and every trip.
It will be better if the list contains hiking-specific clothes, but it is too costly for one who only use them a few times per year, so the flowing clothes do combine with daily clothes.

  • Quick-dry T shirt+ long sleeve T-shirt
    Cotton t-shirt does nothing to absorb the sweat, which will drag away you body heat later. Chemical fabric shirts are to be selected
  • Tights
    Made by chemical fabric, tights do the same trick as the t-shirt. Moreover, it helps the leg movements
  • Long trousers x2
    Short ones don't protect your legs from the sharp rocks. Some may go for jeans, but they do not facilitate your leg movements, so please try some better choices. I also bring along a thinner one if I feel too hot.
  • Sweater x2
    Having them inside the wind breaker jacket, they help to regulate your body temperature. One should be a thinner one and the other should be a thicker one.
  • Wind-breaker jacket+ rain gear
    Do get a real good rain gear. This is extremely important. However, Goretex rain gear really means a big sum of money, so I choose those cheaper stuffs which are made of similar material. It can also act as an extra wind-breaker jacket.

These are the minimum requirement that can ensure your safety.
If you think you need some other stuffs, do add them base on your needs.

Bringing more with you is better than you start regretting on the Mountain.

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