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Check list of items

Please make full use of the following checklist and make a careful check before you start your journey.

The following is the list of the must-bring items and suggested items.

Item Check Note
Rucksack   a strong one which is designed for hiking
Hiking boots   must have a strong sole
Rain gear   should be a separate type and enable humidity-penetration
Down jacket(night climbing)   go with three jackets which you can wear all of them together
Grove   hiking purpose ones.
Flash light/head light   Did you check the battery?
Mountaineering sticks   is it a compact one?
Leggings   needed during downhill
Underwear and sock for changing   Get prepared for the rain
Hat   anti-sunburnt
Towel   alternative of the hat
Sunblock   You will see the hell if you don't bring it with you
Sunglasses   Protect your eyes
Water/ Sports drink   1 litre is ok. Drink when your body tells you that you are thirst
Snacks   Sweets are your friend during the trip
Appetizers   maybe a bread or whatsoever, cause there are little food provided in the hubs
First aid oxygen/eatable oxygen   if you really think you need it
Air salonpas   When your legs are in killing-pain
Mask   to deal with the dust
wet tissue   your own rubbish. Will be better if
Disposable Toothbrush   You want to have your tooth brushed everyday, don't you?
Earplugs   Only useable when you stay in the hub
Plastic rubbish bags   bring three plastic bags for collecting
toilet paper   There is not paper in the restroom
First-aid pack   bandaid and ethanol for disinfection should be inside
Money   It gonna be a costly thing to go to Mt Fuji
Digital camera, GPS   For your album. Battery checked?
Cellphone   Though there are so many places where there is no signal.

Checklist (Ladies only)

Ladies do share things that men don't know!

Item Check Note
Feminine Hygiene   Don't leave the used one on the mountain
Medicine for headache   For sudden headache attacks
Cosmetics   Do bring some with you

These are what I can think of. Please consider your own condition to add/drop any items.

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