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Instructions for women

Recently, I wonder whether there are more women than men on Mt.Fuji. Climbing Fuji is a trendy hobby to our ladies.

Of course it is a nice piece of news to the gentlemen. However, please pay attention to the following matters as Mt Fuji is somehow an extreme environment and needs some special hints to make sure that everything goes well.

Toilet stuffs

You need to pay for toilets
It's about 100-200 yen/use. Do bring more coins as there are usually no changes provided.

The hygienic condition has been improved recently, but it is still much room for improvement if you compare them to the usual toilets you have in Japan, as so many climbers have to answer the nature call...

Also, some do not have toilet paper provided, so do bring toilet paper with you. As the toilets on Mt are bio-toilet, which allows disposes to decompose hygienically, please being toilet paper with you, not tissue paper which are difficult to decompose.

Usually you can find toilets near the hubs only.
The number of toilets varies among tracks, so do approach one if you come across any of them.

The monthly thing

If you are so unlucky that the monthly thing hits you during the trip, please bring all those medicines and hygienic stuffs with you.

In Mt Fuji, there are no places for you to throw away the used hygienic items, so do being a sealable bag with you.

If you really have a terrible pain, try either another day to start the trip or ask your doc to give you some drugs.

How about make up?

Please expect that there are neither places nor even water for you to wash your face throughout the trip.

So, you know what is going to happen if you wear heavy make ups. The sweats are going to do fully things on your face, and you will be unable to do anything to it.

I still want to have my makeup! If you still think like that, please bring those cleansing sheets with you.

Absolutely a must for sunblock

The sunshine up on Mt Fuji is terrible compare to the sea level. So you will definitely need a sunblock. Just as make up, it may make you feeling uncomfortable as there are no water for to you to wash your face and skin. Still, this will be mostly needed as your skin will suffer.

Better to go for those with enough SPF and non-sticky ones

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