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These are the reviews of Mt climbing from Subashiriguchi Tozando. This is comparatively longer than the other two but you can enjoy a more comfortable trip to the peak as less people tend to choose Subashiriguchi.
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List of Subashiriguchi Trail

Let's go for the Subashiriguchi!

I have tried the Kawaguchikoguchi Trail two years ago and the Fujinomiyaguchi Trail last year.

As I have written on the number of tracks, there are four major routes for climbing Fuji. This time, I should go for the remaining two routes. So, this is the time for the Subashiriguchi Trail for this year.

Located in the eastern side of Mt Fuji, Subashiriguchi Trail starts from altitude 2000m(altitude difference 1776m) and has a walking distance of 7.3km(actual measurement). It is medium-difficulty among the four routes.

Compare to Kawaguchigoko,which is the most common route for the mountain trips of the travel agencies, and the Fujinomiyaguchi, which is the shortest track of all, Subashiriguchi Trail has less people choosing to climb, thus you can enjoy a more relaxing trip.

I would like to give a report on my trip from Subashiriguchi Trail!

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From Gotenbaguchi 5th station to New 6th station

Same as before, we departure from the Gotenbaguchi 5th station at noon, rest in the hub at the evening, re-start at the midnight, and head for the sunrise at the peak.

I have already booked a sleeping place at the scheduled goal for today-Shimo Edoya in the 8th station(altitude 3350m). It is around 5km away from here and with an altitude difference of 1350m. Today's planned walking distance is around 70% of the uphill track.

The sunset is predicted to be around 6pm. There should be some room for delay. Only some room only.

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New 6th station, next to Nagada-Sanso is ...

14 degrees Celsius

92 minutes after the departure from 5th station, we are now in the new 6th station nagada sanso(altitude 2400m)

What a long way to here...

The previous tracks allow you to get use to the environment as the track from 5th station to 6th station is usually very gentle and takes only around 30 minutes. Subashiriguchi is the opposite.... With the walking distance of 2km, altitude difference of 400m, and walking time of 92 minutes, the track welcomes everybody with a harsh appetizer.

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Taiyokan, Climbing while looking at the peak

We are here at the 7th station Taiyo-kan (altitude 2920m) after an hour of walking from Seto-Kan

4km from 5th station, 3hrs and 23minutes of walking.
Three hours of walking and just 4 km... maybe you will think like this, but this is the standard speed for here.

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My comment on the stay in Edoya of Subashiriguchi

Edoya is popular among climbers as it is known to be a big hub along the Subashiriguchi Trail. I expect it will look alike to the Munatsuki-Edoya, which has a similar altitude with here.

Here is my comment on the stay in Edoya.

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Let's go for night climbing

Second day for Subashiriguchi Fuji climbing.

It was so hard to get asleep in Edoya the hub. So, I wait till some climbers left the hub and try again to sleep. At first, I thought it would be still nice to see the sunrise at the 8th station. However, the sky seems to be too cloudy for me to do that. So, I choose to get up and head to the peak.

I gonna be heartbroken if rain strikes at the dawn.

A quiet start for climbers in the Edoya heading for sunrise.

This is Subashiriguchi Trail. There are too few people that you can hardly find a climber walking near you.

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Hachigo-Gosyaku Goraiko-Kan, and the peak

0257 (temp: 9 degrees)
Crushed and pushed by the tourists, I am now in the Hachigo-Gosyaku Goraiko-Kan(altitude 3450m), 30 minutes walk from real 8th station,Munatsuki-Edoya.(6.1km from 5th station, 0.8km from 8th station).

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Downhill without Ohachimeguri

Usually, I will go for the Ohachimeguri, which means going around the whole crater, climbing up the real peak of Fuji-the Kengamine and looking into the crater. However, the disappointment of missing out the sunrise, the drizzle rain, and the strong wind make my heart broken.

I have had enough... just go downhill.

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Sunabashiri from 7th station

Arrive at 7th station Taiyoukan(altitude 2920m)

Seems like we all have wings on our back. It only takes 81 minutes.

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Route Map of Subashiriguchi Trail

This is the map of Subashiriguchi Trail.
It is based on the actual data and has all the hubs and major tourist spot on it.

Please use the controller on the right to zoom in or zoom out, and switch from map image to aerial image.

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