Let's go for the Subashiriguchi!

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Let's go for the Subashiriguchi!

I have tried the Kawaguchikoguchi Trail two years ago and the Fujinomiyaguchi Trail last year.

As I have written on the number of tracks, there are four major routes for climbing Fuji. This time, I should go for the remaining two routes. So, this is the time for the Subashiriguchi Trail for this year.

Located in the eastern side of Mt Fuji, Subashiriguchi Trail starts from altitude 2000m(altitude difference 1776m) and has a walking distance of 7.3km(actual measurement). It is medium-difficulty among the four routes.

Compare to Kawaguchigoko,which is the most common route for the mountain trips of the travel agencies, and the Fujinomiyaguchi, which is the shortest track of all, Subashiriguchi Trail has less people choosing to climb, thus you can enjoy a more relaxing trip.

I would like to give a report on my trip from Subashiriguchi Trail!

How to go to Subashiriguchi?

You can go by car or take a bus from JR Godenba Station or Odakyu Shin Matsuda Station.

There are not many buses every day except for the Obon period.
As it is a normal route, you have to stand throughout the whole way if you can't find a seat. It means an hour of standing if you ride on the bus from Godenba. So,please rush to the bus stop once you arrive at the station.

The bus is still full for this time.
There are so many people who have to stand for the whole bus trip before they start to climb the mountain.

We are now in the Subashiriguchi Gokoume(5th station).

We can see so many cars have parked along the road from the window of the bus. 2km-long line has explained the difficulties of finding a parking space in Mt Fuji.

Having lunch in the hubs of 5th station

I would like to start climbing now, but it is not advisable. It is important to let your body to get used to the high altitude environment before climbing as to prevent altitude sickness!

As it is around noon, let's go for lunch in the hubs of 5th station.

Entrance of Subashiriguchi 5th station

Having an altitude of 2000m, you can see nothing but fog as the weather for today is not very well.

There are two hubs in 5th station-Kikuya and Higashi Fuji Sanso.

The stuff they provide is the same, so as the price. However, I go for the Kikuya as it is closer to me.

They serve mainly noodles and rice,which listed at around 800 to 900 yen.
Already double the price compare to the ground.

This time, I try the Cyuka Don(chinese Rice Bowl),900yen. It tastes like... those instant stuffs.

The amount of food provided by the hubs is not much and you are not able to find much to eat during the trip. So, bring your own food if you are those great appetite people. (I brought two RiceBall with me.)

I have found out that Higashi Fuji Sanso is famous of its Mushroom Udon. Missed it!

And about the toilet thing.
Kikuya allows you to use the toilet if you have purchased in here. If you don't, they will charge you 200 yen. There is a long way from here to the 6th station. Think for yourself.

As I am full now, let's roll!

There is a stele written "Mt Fuji 5th station altitude 2000m" in front of Higashi Fuji Sanso.

Subashiriguchi Trail
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