From Gotenbaguchi 5th station to New 6th station

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From Gotenbaguchi 5th station to New 6th station

Same as before, we departure from the Gotenbaguchi 5th station at noon, rest in the hub at the evening, re-start at the midnight, and head for the sunrise at the peak.

I have already booked a sleeping place at the scheduled goal for today-Shimo Edoya in the 8th station(altitude 3350m). It is around 5km away from here and with an altitude difference of 1350m. Today's planned walking distance is around 70% of the uphill track.

The sunset is predicted to be around 6pm. There should be some room for delay. Only some room only.

Immediately after the start, there is a notice board written "don't eat the poisoness mushroom!"

In fact, there are so many mushrooms along the road, which make me think that whether they are eatable.

Walking along the well-maintain stone road, there is a white Torii and hokora 200m ahead.

This is the Komitake Shrine. I don't know much about the shrine. But let's pray for the safety of the trip in here.

The track really starts from here.

The biggest difference of the Subashiriguchi Trail is that there is an enormous forest area from here to the 6th station.

Although the fog has blocked the sky, the scenery of fog and forest makes one thinking whether some fairies will come out from here!

By the way,
The slope is really steep even from the beginning!

The notice board standing at the side of the road has it written "break your limit!". It is really tough even at the start!

I go on walking along the nature tunnel with bird's song as BGM.
The volcanic rocks are the main component of the rock. They are slippery, but far from an easy track.

And there is some mushrooms in between fallen leafs.
It looks like Shiitake, but I bet it can kill you!

The variation of plants is so great that you can enjoy a great time if you have the knowledge about these.

This is campanula punctata(Spotted Bellflower).

The trees become shorter and shorter following the rise of altitude.
We have still conquered only 150m in altitude. Doesn't it interesting?

Pass through the unknown torii and Idatori which blossoms along the track, the scenery starts to look like Mt Fuji.

There is a detour in the forest area. An observatory deck is waiting for you at the end of the road.

We should be able to see the whole Fuji from here, but there is too much fog for today...

When I start to feel that there are fewer wood, the notice board written "10 min from 6th station" comes to my eye. Finally we are here after an hour of walking.

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