New 6th station, next to Nagada-Sanso is ...

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New 6th station, next to Nagada-Sanso is ...

14 degrees Celsius

92 minutes after the departure from 5th station, we are now in the new 6th station nagada sanso(altitude 2400m)

What a long way to here...

The previous tracks allow you to get use to the environment as the track from 5th station to 6th station is usually very gentle and takes only around 30 minutes. Subashiriguchi is the opposite.... With the walking distance of 2km, altitude difference of 400m, and walking time of 92 minutes, the track welcomes everybody with a harsh appetizer.

New 6th station Nagada Sanso is around 2400m high in altitude.
Here is a piece of shocking news. This is around the same altitude as the Fujinomiyaguchi 5th station! Using a different entrance can mean one hour and 30 minutes...

That's why you can go through those forests,though.

Here is the price list in Nagada sanso: toilet:200 yen. Resting in the hub: 500 yen. A bottle of water: 400yen.

The track starting from the hub cuts through the shrubs.
It is an easy track though there are some boulders in some places.

There are some lily blossoming along the track.

You cannot see these flowers once your altitude reach a certain level, so don't miss the chance.

The slope starts to become steeper. Going through the comparatively straight track and we are now at the Seto-Kan of the 6th station.

Hon-Rokugome(Real 6th station) Seto-Kan, climbing in fog

1502(temp:14degrees celcius)
The Seto-Kan(altitude:2700m) of the real 6th station is 32 minutes away from the Nagada Sanso of the new 6th station.

Compare to the 90-minutes walk from 5th station to new 6th station, the 32-minute walking is a short one. There are hubs for every 30 to 50 minutes, so the beginning was in fact the most painful part.

You should be familiar to those "Shin", "Hon", and "Ganso" (translated as new, real, and original). Still, I can see no meaning for these, especially that there are only a few hubs along this track.

2.9km from 5th station. Estimated time:2 hr 20mins.

I can no way hide my tiredness, but it makes me feel better that I am already half way through today's schedule. Maybe Subashiguchi is not as hard as I have expected.

A meal in Nagada-Sanso costs you about 1000 yen(for a set meal and etc). Interesting, there are tones of snacks available at around 300 yen.

The fog has itself thicken though there is no rain.

As we should have to pass through the sea of clouds, all the clothes and even our body will be totally wet even if there is no rain.

So I have my raingear and rucksack cover ready. It is really great if you have buy a rucksack which has its own cover.

10 minute break and we are off again.
Cause it is real cold even in summer....Your body heat flies away unless you start to walk.

Shrubs start to disappear after Seto Kan, and the bleak scene of Fuji is now in front of us.

We should be able to check the Mt Fuji from the western side if the weather is fine. However, the fog covers all of that for today.

Passing by the closed-down hubs and little Hokora with its Isayoi To(literately translated as the tower of 16th night, the day after full moon), the track starts to become more difficult to walk.

We are having such low visibility for today. Even my feet are beyond my sight!
It really de-motivate me though there is no way of controlling this.

My mood drops to the lowest point when my feet have turned into some iron bars.

When I think that I can see the sun beyond the clouds...
All the fog suddenly fades away. Blue sky! It seems like I have passed through those clouds.

The scenery really touches my heart!

All the people around me also celebrate for this. It seems like we are some kind of solar-powered people!

How great the Sun is!

I was shaking because of the freezing temperature minutes ago, and the temperature rises in no time once the Sun is here. Even my tension has sky-rocketed because of the Sun.

I am so happy that I take so many photos of the sky.

Photos can only speak part of the real scene, so please go by yourself.

The road is a well-maintain one and is easy to walk through though there are still some zigzag ways.

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