Taiyokan, Climbing while looking at the peak

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Taiyokan, Climbing while looking at the peak

We are here at the 7th station Taiyo-kan (altitude 2920m) after an hour of walking from Seto-Kan

4km from 5th station, 3hrs and 23minutes of walking.
Three hours of walking and just 4 km... maybe you will think like this, but this is the standard speed for here.

Taiyo-kan is commonly known for its delicious menu. Burgur, set menu of fish, with unlimited refill of Tonziru(Mizo soup with carrot, onion and most importantly, pork) and rice is the trade mark of here.

It is so great as the usual meals for the other hubs are much smaller than here. However, there is one disadvantage- here is so close to the 5th station. There will be so catch ups to do later.

Price list in Taiyokan: Toilet 200 yen, Butaziru 735 yen, bottle of water:400yen.

Hot mizo Tonziru when you are cold... I can't stop my mouth water from coming out. There are quite a number of people who are enjoying the hot soup, but the time limit is approaching, so I have to give up that and start walking again.

Climbing Fuji in your own pace.

The essence of Mt Fuji comes close to me!

We head off to the Hon-Nanagome(real 7th station) Miharashi-Kan after a 20minute rest.

As the weather turns fine from Taiyokan, we can enjoy the scenery of peak of Mt Fuji looking up, and the sea of clouds and track if we look down.

That's what we should be paid after such hard work.

The route just after Taiyokan is also part of the downhill track, so it is a bit slippery as you will slide back when you are walking.

Soon the uphill and downhill track separates from each other. We climb on the rocky uphill track.

There is a notice board calling for attention to fallen rocks!

There is a contrail above the sky.

No way is the sky so blue if you see that on the ground!

And the shadow of Fuji can be seen on the sea of clouds!

Beautiful scenes come one after another with the help of the sun.

Enjoying the scenes along the trail, the notice board of "5 minutes away from Miharashi-Kan" makes us to feel a relief.

Real 7th station Miharashi-kan. End of 1st day

Walking through the bending track and there is the stone wall.
A few minutes away from Miharashikan?

There are some measurement recorders set at the entrance of Miharashikan by the government to calculate the amount of people coming here. What stuff are they monitoring? Thinking about these, we are now in the Miharashi-kan(altitude 3140m) after passing the white Torii.

1714 (temp:9 degrees celcius)
50 minutes of walking from 7th station,Taiyo-kan. 4.8km from 5th station, 4hrs and 29 min.

The price of water and juice has risen by 50yens; on the other hand, the price of food has fallen a little bit. A matter of supply and need?

By the way, it costs 100 yen less for the toilet.
Why is it doing things in the opposite way?

Taking the balance of hiking distance of the 1st day and the sunrise on 2nd day, it is the best to stay in here. However, there are only 120 vacancies for Miharashi-kan. As I could not book a place for here, I have to go for the Shimo-Edoya, which is the next hub.

The 1st day for Subashiriguchi has come to the finale!
Less rest, more walking for the last part!

My body starts to shout as we are walking through the plain scene along the track. It is good that nothing block our sight.

The last part of the track,again, merges with the downhill track. So, it is somehow slippery and needs care!

30minutes of walking from Miharashi-kan, we are now at the goal for today, Shimo-Edoya(altitude 3270m). We have walked for 5.3km from 5th station and spent 5hrs and 4mins.

I have to say, we have conquered 1270m in altitude indeed. Only 26 percents is left for 2nd day!

Won't it be easy for the 2nd day?
And we are now in the hub.

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