My comment on the stay in Edoya of Subashiriguchi

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My comment on the stay in Edoya of Subashiriguchi

Edoya is popular among climbers as it is known to be a big hub along the Subashiriguchi Trail. I expect it will look alike to the Munatsuki-Edoya, which has a similar altitude with here.

Here is my comment on the stay in Edoya.

Edoya's outlook

Out of my expectation, it looks so small that I can hardly imagine 250 people staying in here.

I was proved to be correct when it comes to midnight, when people keep staying that there are having headache. Maybe because it is a symptom of lack of oxygen as the hub is so crowded. Isn't it meaningless to stay in here?

Entrance hall+restaurant.

There is a memorial board recording the visit to here by the Prince Naruhito. Sadly, I would have to say that the building itself is far from satisfactory.

The bed

2 people have to share for one set of bed set.

You are lucky if two thin guys are in a group. Take care of yourself if a fat guy is next to you.

Even worse, some of the futons are shared by 3-4 people and covers over one and each other. Which means, no way all the others can hold their stuff if even one of the people go to toilet. It feels sorry for you to go to toilet as it will disturb all the others.

It's not over,yet!
About the double-deck bed. You will sure get your head bump into the upper deck when you get up. You can put your luggage on the upper deck.For the one using the lower deck,however, the floor is your only choice. At night, the floor squeezes when you step on it. No way there is a quiet time, as you can't hold for too long not walking along the floor and go to the toilet.

I have no doubt to vote here as the worst hub among the three hubs I have tried.

Curry rice for dinner

The taste is fine, but again, it's the amount. Gentlemen should bring your own food with you.

I know not to expect so much from the hubs, but this is....

One more, they charges you 100 yen/use of toilet.
That's going to be something if you frequently visit the toilet. However, I think they do this intentionally, as the lower deck of the bed is so cold that it makes you wanna go to the toilet...

I am not that delicate person, but again, I cannot fall asleep for this year.
(while the uncle next to me snores like there is a B-52 flying over the sky. )

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