Let's go for night climbing

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Let's go for night climbing

Second day for Subashiriguchi Fuji climbing.

It was so hard to get asleep in Edoya the hub. So, I wait till some climbers left the hub and try again to sleep. At first, I thought it would be still nice to see the sunrise at the 8th station. However, the sky seems to be too cloudy for me to do that. So, I choose to get up and head to the peak.

I gonna be heartbroken if rain strikes at the dawn.

A quiet start for climbers in the Edoya heading for sunrise.

This is Subashiriguchi Trail. There are too few people that you can hardly find a climber walking near you.

The road till Honhachigome(real 8th station) Munatukiedoya shares the same track with the downhill track. So, the slippery sand on the track makes one hard to walk on.

But in fact there is an uphill track just right next to the Hachigome Shimo-Edoya. Here is too dark that I can't see that.

Little people around here. I need my headlight and the light from the next hub to see the road in front of me. Soon there is the white Torii standing in the darkness and the Munatsuki-Edoya of the real 8th station.

Congestion from beyond Munatsuki Edoya!

0230 (9 degrees celcius)
After walking for 20minutes and approximately 400 meters, we are now in the real 8th station Munatsuki-Edoya(altitude 3370m, distance from 5th station:5.7km).

There are one more hub called Tomoe-Kan in the real 8th station. And what a shocking sight is over there!

How many people are there!

In fact, the real 8th station is the junction point of the Kawaguchikoguchi Trail from Yamanashi prefecture. The Kawaguchikoguchi Trail is an extremely popular track, so we can see so many people are heading towards the peak.

I know it will be in such situation, but I am still shocked when I actually see this.

It won't make it if I go slowly, so let's go!

Last year in the Fujinomiyaguchi was also packed by people. This time is even greater...

People cover your sight!
Moreover, the tours tend to go slowly and having themselves packed into a whole block. No way can you be on time if there are even a few of these.

Sometime I have to stand in the darkness and get myself breezed by the wind just to wait for the tour to start walking.

You won't get lost with such a number of climbers with you.

By the way, the Munatsuki-edoya is also the junction point for the uphill and downhill track. Some tours choose to climb up from the downhill track to avoid the congestion.

Still, the downhill track is extremely slippery if you go for the opposite direction. Think twice before you choose that.

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