Hachigo-Gosyaku Goraiko-Kan, and the peak

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Hachigo-Gosyaku Goraiko-Kan, and the peak

0257 (temp: 9 degrees)
Crushed and pushed by the tourists, I am now in the Hachigo-Gosyaku Goraiko-Kan(altitude 3450m), 30 minutes walk from real 8th station,Munatsuki-Edoya.(6.1km from 5th station, 0.8km from 8th station).

This is the last hub from here till the peak.
It should not take a long time to reach the peak. But it is a different story if you take the amount of people into consideration.

The time I spend on standing still is much more than walking though I depart from Goraiko-Kan, deal to the congestion.

Afterward, I am told that the congestion is reasoned by the steep rock slope, where people don't know how to climb up that.

Even for the tour guides have given up explaining to the tourist and keep saying "climb at your own pace". Try paying attention and you can hear this everywhere.

40 minutes of walking from Goraiko Kan and we are now looking at the white Torii(500meter away from Goraiko Kan). In front of that is the Mukae-Kusushi Shrinealtitude 3560m) and the Kyugome (9th station).

Seems like lights of the CBD of somewhere when I look down. In fact, they are the headlights of the climbers behind me.

The track becomes so steep and full of rock after the 9th station.

After some zigzagging and the final straight road, we can see the white Torii...

We are at the peak! Where's the sunrise?

15 minutes before the sunrise, and we are just on time for it. SubashiriGuchi peak(altitude 3720m)

We have conquering the Mt Fuji again this year! (1 hour and 40 minutes from Goraiko-Kan, total walking distance 7.2km, 1.9 km from 8th station).

We have spent more time than expected deal to the congestion. But I have spent about 75 minutes even in the less-packed daytime. Maybe it wasn't that long?

10 minutes from sunrise, but the area is still in total darkness looking from the photo...

Weather of today is cloudy with drizzle rain. If I use the stroboscope to take pictures, they all get diffused. What would today's sunrise be?

The sun should have come up, but we cannot even see even a trace of her.

Though the area is brighter than before.

Unfortunately, we cannot see the sunrise as the weather is so bad...

Here, though, is where Mt Fuji got her reputation.

Looking around myself, we can see so many people are waiting for the sunrise.

We didn't expect that there are so many people coming from the Kawaguchikoguchi Trail. To say the truth, I wonder how one can enjoy climbing Mt Fuji in this atmosphere. Maybe it is better for one to see the sunrise in the middle of the Kawaguchikoguchi Trail, and climb up to the peak after dawn.

(Ref: The Kawaguchikoguchi Trail two years ago)

Real time demonstration of Mt Fuji climbing memorial inscription in front of hub Tokyo-Ya.

This is available only from here. Get it if you want!

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