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Downhill without Ohachimeguri

Usually, I will go for the Ohachimeguri, which means going around the whole crater, climbing up the real peak of Fuji-the Kengamine and looking into the crater. However, the disappointment of missing out the sunrise, the drizzle rain, and the strong wind make my heart broken.

I have had enough... just go downhill.

With the cold weather being my partner, I start to go downhill without spending any time at the peak.

The fog is getting thicker and thicker, which increases my motivation of going downhill.

Subashiriguchi has mostly its uphill and downhill track separated. The downhill track is fully covered with a thick layer of fine sand which facilitates your walking.

It was so easy to go downhill that I have thrown my painful experience of hurting my knees last year out of my memory.
(ref: downhill starting in good condition)

In the thick fog, we step on the straight track without saying a word.
Tension just won't go up unless we see the sun. Once I think the sun is going to come up...

It got itself covered again...
This continues to the return of 5th station.

Munatsuki-Edoya and Mt Fuji Hotel

We are now back to the real 8th station Edoya.

It really takes you so little time for downhill.

We can't see the hub Mt Fuji Hotel when we were going uphill as it was so dark.

Although it has a name "hotel" on it, it is no way different from other hubs.

I have had nothing into my tummy cause the cold weather really takes away your appetite. So I choose to have my breakfast here.

The Bento of vege rice and salmon really tastes good. This is the only good point for Shimo Edoya. They do good bentos.

We will have to say good bye to Fujinomiya-guchi by Shimo-Edoya

I go straight down the track with full gear.

We are now at Munatsuki-Edoya, less than 5 minutes of walking.

Both Fujinomiyaguchi Trail and Subashiriguchi Trail share the same track for uphill and downhill till here. They separate from here, and the Subashiriguchi Trail is the right route.

Don't go for the wrong track as you will be unable to go back to the original 5th station.

There is a small notice board in the Subashiri guchi downhill track. Look for that and you will be on the right track.

The downhill track has itself separated from the uphill track from here. It goes down the mountain in a zigzag way.

The Miharashi-Kan in the origin 7th station locates at the uphill track, so we can't see it from here. And we are heading to 7th station Taiyokan.

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