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Sunabashiri from 7th station

Arrive at 7th station Taiyoukan(altitude 2920m)

Seems like we all have wings on our back. It only takes 81 minutes.

There is another junction 200m away from the south of Taiyokan. From there, it is the climax of Subashiriguchi Trail.

Sunabashiri (literately translated as "walking on sand")means the 2.8km straight downhill track from Taiyokan,7th station to Sunabaraiguchi 5th station. You can slide for 1-2m in one step. The name of Sunabashiri really means what you will experience.

It is much easier compare to the other three tracks.

You slide on the soft sand like this. That's why you need a mask while the weather is fine as the dust is really something. Your feet will be so hurt if you don't have your leggings.

Leggings are a must for downhill trip on Subashiri track.

You will not go pass through Hon-Rokugomeme Seto-Kan and Shin-Rokugome Nagata-Sanso, but you will go down the hill in no time.

I feel a bit thirsty as the amount of exercise has gone beyond my expectation. Do bring enough water with you before Sunabashiri.

There are two places that there are no Sunabashiri. I need to walk along that area. My knees start to feel pain from there.

It is easy to walk, but still a hard time to the legs.
Downhill does a bigger impact to the body than the slow-pace uphill track.

50 minutes after leaving 7th station, we have our altitude reduced by 460m and reach Sunabarai 5th station Yoshinoya(altitude 2230m).

Only a few meter left! I wanna say this.
But there are still 230m of altitude to cover. And the notice board which wrote "30minutes from bus stop" is so cruel to me.

There are forests starting from Sunabarai 5th station Yoshinoya

You still need to walk even with all those complaints. Just some more walking!
Go pass through the white Torii which has "Downhill track" on it.

The downhill track starting from Sunabarai 5th station is inside the forest.
It should have be a refreshing track, but my knees are too pain for me to enjoy the scenery.

We are in the Komitake Shrine in the entrance of Subashiriguchi.

Oh? It is closed for today. It was open yesterday.

5th station is close to us from Komitake Shrine

The staffs of the hub provide us some tea to drink, but there is only 20min before the departure of the bus to JR Godenba Station.

We would like to enjoy ourselves, but we have to rush!

It only takes 2hrs and 47min from the peak to here!
It is quite something going downhill by the Sunabashiri.

I would love to have a bath and wash away all the sweats and dust for the two days. However, the public bath Ninzin-Yu, which is near the JR Godenba station, is closed till noon.

My friend suggests me to go to the "Koyamamachi health public hall Yuttari Yu", which is close to the JR Suruga Kayama Station(two stations from Godenba Station). So I go to there and enjoy the spa in here.

The entrance price is just 300 yen, but it is a comfortable one. (It has closed from Mar 2011)

After the end of Fuji Climbing from Subashiriguchi Trail

Although we are not blessed by the weather, at least we have safely returned to here.
I keep saying this for years, but it is so great to see the different views of Mt Fuji.

Comments of Subashiriguchi! Have a try!

You can climb on the mountain without changing your pace even though it starts from a low altitude.It is right that experienced climbers should try for the subashiriguchi.

In fact, beginners can also try here. Why not try thinking about going from Subashiriguchi Trail?

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